Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Stop Me Before I Buy Again

Yesterday, about an hour or so after I saw his new guitar, Gary stopped by to - I think - convince me that it wasn't a silly thing for him to buy it.

I have no idea why he could possibly think that I would have thought that. I don't know anyone that has suffered from GAS worse than I do. I think that once you have more than four guitars - unless you are a professional - you give up any right to criticize anyone else's buying habits.

So, we agreed that:

i. it was a nice guitar
ii. it's hard finding a lefty so he should grab one when he can
iii. he didn't have something like that already
iv. he'd been wanting one for a while, so it wasn't a like a whim thing
v. he'd got a good deal on it
vi. there's lots of worse things to waste your money on
vii. as long as you can pay your bills, what's the harm?

But he was preaching to the choir...

Favorite quote: "I called some friends to try and get them to talk me out of it..."

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