Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Don't Drink And Play

Is this for real? Or a bad Photoshop job? Or is it both? It's hard to tell..on the website it looks like a bad Photoshop job, yet it seems a little too elaborate to just be a joke. It's a Burrell guitar. Their website says:
The acoustic guitar was first invented in the days of Henry the Fourth. It was rather small in size. Through the years they progressed to be the larger size that we are familiar with now. Other than size, tuning, and materials guitars have stayed the same...FLAT.
In 1954 Leo Burrell tried to play guitar. The problem he had was bending his wrist and his fingers to make the chords. The problem actually was the flat guitar. Flat guitars, you see are bulky, rigid, and just too cumbersome to play easily. Leo aimed to change all that.
Mr. Burrell's concept was to make a guitar that conformed to the player rather than the player conforming to it.

Hmm...so maybe it is for real. I just figure you don't want to play it at a bar....after a couple of drinks you won't be sure what's going on...

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