Monday, April 25, 2005

Make Mine A Pepsi

Apple has been running an iTunes/Pepsi promotion. 1 in 3 bottles of Pepsi have a winning cap that gives you a free song on iTunes.

It's actually a pretty clever idea, as my consumption of Pepsi over the past two months has gone from zero to about two or three bottles a week. At first, we began to wonder if the odds were wrong, as between myself and my office mate, we bought 7 bottles without one winning cap!

Since then, the odds seem to have improved, and there have been patches of three winning caps in a row, and long spells of nothing....

Right now I have 9 free song credits, which is fun as it has encouraged me to buy songs that I might otherwise have ignored. They're 'free' right? Okay, they cost me at least $1.25* (cost from vending machine) but they are still kind of free...

Just yesterday I bought Snow Patrol's Chocolate which I've been playing over and over since then, and today I bought I Will Keep the Bad Things from You, by The Damnwells. It's kinda cool.

*Not included in this calculation is the fact that sometimes the vending machine gives out a free bottle...if you select from B4.

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