Thursday, April 28, 2005

It Came In The Mail: Part II

Holy C#$#!

A catalog from MusiciansFriend came in the mail yesterday. It has a one page ad for the Epiphone Paul McCartney 1974 USA Texan reproduction. I previously noted that you could get one of the 250 being made for $6,398.00. For that money, you do get a label signed by Paul himself.

What I missed: A special edition of 40, signed on the sound board by Paul (after he plays it for a bit, according to the description [1]) will be available for $40,000.00 each. Now for that money, I think he should show up at your house, play the guitar, sign the sound board and meet your friends. But I guess that's unlikely as I hear he get's a minimum of $1,000,000 for an appearance [2].

1. For those wondering about what he does if your guitar is right-handed ('does he restring it and play it upside down?' I'm sure you're wondering) well, I hear that Paul can play right and left-handed; he's just better left.

2. Assuming a 2 hour concert, that's $8,333 per minute, so $40,000 = just under 5 mimutes of playing time.

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