Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It Came In The Mail

The June issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine arrived yesterday (June! It's the middle of April!) Paged through it yesterday at work and noticed a few things:

Ad for Epiphone Limited Edition Paul McCartney 1964 Texan reproduction. I saw Paul tour a couple of years ago, and he had the actual guitar with him and used it to play Yesterday (or I think it was Yesterday.) MusiciansFriend is selling them for $6,398 if you're interested.

Review of Korg AW-1 Micro Tuner. This works much like the IntelliTouch tuner; you clip it on to the guitar's headstock and it picks up virbations, rather than using a microphone or plugging in. I Like my IntelliTouch tuner, though sometimes it seems to have trouble with the E strings. The Korg looks interesting, but I don't know if it's any better. $59.00 Decided to skip it for the moment.

Product writeup about Samson C01U, a condenser microphone that plugs into a computer's USB port. Now this looks kind of interesting, and it's $79.00, which isn't too, too bad. Have to wonder how good it is though, as it's based on a 'regular' C01 microphone, which is only $10 cheaper. So $10 for the Analog to Digital conversion stuff that I assume it has to include to work with USB....does that seem like not a whole lot?

Well, I checked MusiciansFriend, but their search said they don't carry Samson, and recommended several other brands instead. Interestingly, later on, when I did a search for Zoom, it came up with a comparison page saying they'd compared Zoom with Digitech, and they had decided Digitech was better.

Went to Sweetwater and they had them and so I ordered one...then when I got home there was a phone call from them saying that they were out of stock, but expected more to arrive in about 10 days. I wish the web site had just said that when I'd gone to place the order...I hate when that happens.

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