Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Missing Songs

My iPod Shuffle is acting funny. It's losing songs. I thought something was up the other day when I couldn't find Collide, but things were a little out of whack in the sorting, so I resorted by artist and updated the thing. Last night and today, Collide and Perfect Time of Day were right after Madrigals. Then, sometime this afternoon, both songs disappeared.

I actually went through every song on the thing (using fast forward) and couldn't find either of them!

I'm going to update the iPod again tonight and I assume that will bring the songs back again, but this is annoying!

UPDATE: According to the Resetting iPod Shuffle support page: to reset the Shuffle you just turn it off for 5 seconds (unlike the complicated procedures for a regular iPod.) I did it, and they're back! I guess it is a Perfect Time of Day...

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