Monday, May 29, 2006

Though the weather reports called for showers in the morning and thunderstorms in the afternoon, it was actually a pretty nice day on Saturday and thousands turned up for EarthFest. I arrived in the middle of the concert, and it was quite a struggle to move through the heaving throngs!

I ended up watching most of The Fray from the back of the field (near the Arthur Fiedler bridge) and the sound was nothing if not pathetic. Way too much bass and you couldn't understand half of what was being sung. They did a cover of Elanor Rigby which was up tempo (I guess we're happy about lonely people these days) and I tried recording it but the video and audio pretty much suck.

When The Fray went off stage there was much milling about, and I milled with the best of them and managed to get up pretty close to the stage. I might have gotten further if I was really adventurous, but the crowd got kind of packed in the last 20 yards!

Being so much close, the sound was a bit better for James Blunt, but still not amazing; I think they needed bigger speakers! A few spits of rain never turned into anything more (I got more wet from water being sprayed around by the audience!) and he put on a pretty good set. I taped a couple of songs and will try putting them up shortly.

The closing act was Los Lonely Boys but I didn't stay, as a couple of hours of standing around in a crowd is about my limit ;)

:-( This clip is really bad. I tried to add a bit of visual fun by using an Aged Film filter. The actual clip works pretty well that way, but when loaded onto YouTube and heavily compressed, most of the subtleties are gone.

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