Monday, May 15, 2006

Guitar Player TV

Guitar Player TV is a joint venture between Music Player Network, publisher of Guitar Player Magazine, and TrueFire TV, an "Internet TV broadcast network."

If you go to the site you'll find a collection of short instructional pieces, performances, and interviews. Roger McGuinn has a section called "McGuinn's Den" where he talks about songs and shows a few things. It's not exactly an instruction class, nor is it just a performance.

It will be interesting to see how/if this expands. At the moment it seems a little empty; if you're not interested in the things that are there, then you will get bored rather quick. I also think it needs a better explanation of what all the parts are (a table of contents kind of thing!) There should also be graphics and text to go with some of the instruction; but then maybe they don't want to replace the magazine (and if that's a case, does this link to content in the magazine?)

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TrueFire said...

thanks for the mention about GPTV!

if you click the "guide" button, below the player's screen, you'll get a complete listing of everything that's currently on GPTV.

Also, the "guide" will provide links to download lesson elements like tab, notation and rhythm tracks.

GPTV is updated with new content every few days and there's tons in the hopper being scheduled for broadcast, so there should be plenty of content for anyone interested in guitar.

again, thanks for the mention! brad