Monday, July 25, 2005


You can read about NAMM news at Harmony-Central. Not a whole lot so far has caught my attention. Taylor has a set of Fall Limiteds with some interesting woods.

Martin has announced (drum roll please) the George Martin, Martin. A guitar for the 5th Beatle. Now George Martin is a wonderfully talented, yet modest person, but while he's pretty good with the piano, he's hardly known for his guitar playing. In fact, this guitar was - and Martin acknowledges this - not designed by George at all. Rather "George Martin detailed his preferences for a namesake Martin Signature Edition guitar to fellow musician and record producer John Kurgan, his specific goal was to create an instrument uniquely suited to the studio."

It has a funky headstock, with a kind of art-deco feel 'M' on it, that almost has me wanting one ;)

It's a shame that Martin won't be doing a Paul McCartney signature edition (Paul recently did something with Epiphone) so this might be the closest you'll ever get to a 'Beatle' Martin.

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