Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wish You Were Here

Jammed with David last night. When we get organized we can accomplish quite a bit!

We decided it was time to murder Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. I’ve always liked the song, though I have never bought any of their albums, and I don’t exactly know the song by heart.

I was having trouble with a couple of lines in the chorus,

Running over the same old ground,
what have we found - the same old fears?

I was messing it up badly, and then I remembered that I’d bought the song a while ago through iTunes, and I had it on my iPod. Hasty scramble to get speakers out of the office so we can play it, which worked okay, though something’s up with the cable I was using to connect to the iPod as I had to jiggle it a little to get the sound right.

So played that, and did a bit better, but have to work some more at it.

Meanwhile, David had learned the Guitar 1 riff and I was just strumming along, and he suggested I learn the Guitar 2 riff. But then (lucky me!) he decided that he should play the Guitar 2 part, and I should do the Guitar 1 part, so that’s my homework for the week!


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