Thursday, July 07, 2005


It was a repeat, but Dave Matthews Band was on Letterman last night, and I hadn't seen it, so I stayed up to watch.

I wish I hadn't.

Well, Ray Ramano was pretty funny, but DMB gave a rather lackluster performance. Dave seemed into it, but the rest of the band didn't seem that excited. Maybe they need a longer set to stretch their legs?

It might have been worth it if Letterman had actually interviewed Dave (or anyone!) afterwards, but nope...

On a related note: I have a recording of one of Howie Day's performances opening for DMB. Dave came out and introduced him (I think it's great that Dave comes out and introduces people that open for him; that's pretty classy, and rather rare.)

Anyway, Dave sounds like he's three sheets to the wind. He admits to having a hangover, though it sounds like he's working on one, not trying to get over it. Then he makes some joke about Howie's band being entirely made up of fudge. I have no idea what that is about...

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