Monday, July 11, 2005

DMB at Tweeter Center

I made my annual pilgrimage to the Tweeter Center to see Dave Matthews Band. I think I am getting beyond jaded. Not that it was a bad show, but having been nine rows from the front a couple of years ago (see picture) everything since just hasn’t measured up!

I also discovered that I was actually over dressed for the occasion. The weather the last few days has been all over the map, and so I put on a shirt and khaki pants and it was only when I got there that I realized I was basically dressed in business casual. If I’d been wearing shorts or jeans I would have been okay, but I was over dressed – or at least I felt that way. And this from someone who never overdresses for anything!

I made a point of getting there early as I wanted to see Dave introduce the opening act; not that I wanted to see the opening act, I just wanted to see his introduction. I got there about 6:30, read a book in the car for a while, then made my way inside, and was just in time to see Dave make the introduction.

As he had for his Howie Day introduction, Dave alluded to working on a hang over. He also revealed the secret to a good Margarita; cheap Rum. He sounded drunk; which I couldn’t figure out if it was an affectation, or he actually was. When he spoke later – if only briefly – during the concert, he didn’t sound drunk; but then he didn’t say a whole hell of a lot either. Is Dave Matthews the Dean Martin of this generation? Should someone stage an intervention?

The show itself started with Everyday, then moved into their latest single (the one after American Baby) and a mix of their catalog. They did #34, which I’ve never seen them do live before, and they covered Time of the Season, originally performed by The Zombies, which was amazingly faithful to the original.

I did the encore skip and dashed for the car at the end of the set. Got out of the parking lot in about three minutes flat (not counting the time it took to find the car!)

Oh, noticed that Dave did not play the Taylor T5, which is used in the American Baby video. I read that he used that for the video because they were just about to leave on tour and his other guitars had been shipped off to Australia already.

It's the time of the season
When the love runs high
In this time, give it to me easy
And let me try, With pleasured hands
To take you and the sun to
Promised lands
To show you every one
It's the time of the season for loving

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