Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sounds like...

There's a new Herbie Hancock/John Mayer song (Mayer sings!) that's started to get some airplay here in Boston. It reminds me a lot in style of some of Stings songs; can't quite put my finger on why; maybe it's the arrangement and the 'stitch me up' refrain. Sounds very Stingish.

And there's another song that's been getting some airplay that sounds really like something of George Harrison's; it even sounds a little like him.

Note that this is necessarily a bad thing, it's just what stood out when I first heard the songs.

OMG! Dolly Parton on the radio. I'm bouncing around the radio presets and I hear Dolly Parton! Or at least it sounds a lot like her. Now that's just not normal (for me) and I'm seriously wondering if I need to reprogram my presets when I discover that it's a duet....but I had to leave the car before I found out any of the details; and a quick search on the web hasn't turned up anything.

Oh, the song seemed to grow on me after a bit...

Beatles News: a news item on the radio; Paul McCartney recorded a two hour event in Abbey Road studios where he played some songs and talked about the recording process. Supposed to be released on DVD sometime...

A more accurate(?) report can be found here.

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