Sunday, May 08, 2005

Vermont Diary Part 2

The rest of the weekend goes well...despite the food poisoning.
* * * *

I was, it appears, a week early. It seems that next weekend Peter & April’s neighbor has an exhibition, or an installation, or something, featuring various musical instrument constructions. We wandered over and saw one device under construction; it looked like something they use to draw lotto numbers. There were two large wooden cylinders, which will be painted with strips of different colors, then you spin the cylinders and hold up some kind of sensor and the pattern of the rotating colors causes different sounds to be generated.

I think.
* * * *

Get a few middle aged people together on a saturday evening, add a little tequila, and they start talking about rock and roll and the concerts they went to in their youth. These are the kind of stories that - if you have your own children - make you think ‘I’m never letting my kid go to a concert.’
* * * *

Peter asks me if I’ve heard of Howie Day. “I told you about him last time I was here!” I say.

“Oh, yeah.”

Peter is always asking me about what I am listening to. He had just ordered and received Australia and Stop All The World Now, but I suggested he should get the Madrigals EP as it has a DVD.

“I don’t like music videos.”

“Yeah, but you see how he creates these songs using a sampler and layering over different riffs and things. It’s really cool.”


He then gives me a Guster DVD that he got by mistake; he thought he was getting the CD and DVD combined. He likes Guster, but for some reason he finds he can’t watch them playing. The lead singer isn’t much to look at.... ???
* * * *

Somehow the subject of ‘What was the first concert you attended?’ comes up, and I realize I have no idea.

I don’t really even have an inkling. In a way, it's kind of disappointing not being able to remember

It might have been Elton John in Sydney, but I’m not sure of it.

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