Friday, May 20, 2005

47x47, A Retrospective

Last night was the 47x47, A Retrospective part of the festivities celebrating the 47th anniversary of Club Passim.

Hosted by Tom Rush, the concert featured performances from Tom, Lori McKenna, Ellis Paul, Catie Curtis, Dr. Al Kooper & the Funky Faculty, the Silver Leaf Gospel Singers and Sarah Borges. Held at Saunders Theatre, it was a surprise that the show wasn't sold out, though perhaps this was partly because a second show is being held tonight; the Living Legends Award Concert which will feature Alison Krauss & Union Staion, Richard Thompson, David Grisman & Old School Freight Train and others. That show is sold out.

The Silver Leaf Gospel Singers were amazing; they have been going for close to 60 years, and the leader of the group is 84! They sounded great and really got the stiff New England crowd on their feet! I think being active keeps you young.

Or as Tom Rush later said, just because you grow old doesn't mean you can't be immature.

Tired from too much work I didn't stay to the end, but what I saw was awesome, and I'm looking forward to tonights show.

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