Tuesday, May 17, 2005

One Of Those Things

You know the nightmare; the one where the class is having an exam, but you don’t know where the classroom is, what the test is on, or even what the subject of the class is.

All you know is that you’re going to fail miserably.

I kind of had one of those moments last night when I took a Dobro/lap-style guitar class with Stacy Phillips last night. I’d taken a class a few months ago, but hadn’t touched the damn thing in two months. You might get away with that if everyone else is just starting out, but it turned out that the other eight or so participants already knew their way around the guitar. Geez, I wasn’t even in the right tuning.

On the other hand, it wasn’t a complete disaster; I actually picked up some stuff along the way (though it was far to fast for anything to really sink in as we rushed on to the next part and I’d forgotten the part we just did.)

Fortunately I recorded the event (using the Marantz; which records about 4 hours on a 256MB CompactFlash card using MP3 format) and I have tabs for one of the songs and he promised to send tabs for the other three he covered, so with a bit of diligence, I should be able to find my way through these.

Really, if you can record the session, and get tabs, then it doesn’t matter how fast things go as you can go back and absorb it all at your own pace.

He kept asking if I had any questions. The only problem was, I had so many it was impossible to know where to start.

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