Sunday, May 22, 2005

Living Legends Award Concert

Cool concert on Friday night. I was volunteering for part of the show so mainly saw the second half. Richard Thomspon was in fine form (someone called out for "Wheel of Death" and he said that was a fine request, and if he had time he'd do it; but he didn't...[damn]) He was playing with Danny Thomas (I think his name was) playing double bass. Sounded like the word of God...

As usual, he played one really funny song, which I think was titled I want a girl with Brains or something like that, filled with dreadful rhymes and it went on for many many versus, but the crowd ate it up.

David Grisman played with Old School Freight Train, which is actually a bunch of young guys who play old-time music.

Then Alison Krauss & Union Station closed up the night. The show ran late, but it was a good time.

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