Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mojo Does Sgt Peppers

The March issue of Mojo Magazine has a cover story on Sgt Peppers that has some interesting stuff; interview with George Martin, pics, a list of things that happened the day the album was released, and a CD of covers songs. The latter is kind of interesting; if only because the cover of All You Need Is Love had me thinking that Ringo could have done a better job. Ouch

The only track I really like is the version of Getting Better by Fionn Regan (never heard of him before.) It's a very spare, slowed down acoustic track, and since I like that sort of thing, I like that sort of thing. The rest I have a lot of difficulty listening too (and it's not because I hate all covers; there are a bunch of Beatles covers I do like....just none on this album.)

There were still a bunch at Barnes & Noble last Sunday, but since the magazine website already has June on it, you might want to step lively to get a copy.

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