Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Colbert And Nelson

I've been a fan of the Colbert Report since it began. It has it's ups and down's, and sometimes it seems a bit repetitive - or maybe I just need a break - but some days it's just magic.

Yesterday's show was one of those. Willie Nelson was the guest, and there was a running gag about Willie's ice cream (Ben & Jerry's have released ice cream for both Willie and Stephen.) Then Stephen brought out Ambassador Richard Holbrooke to broker peace.

All good fun, but then it went one better when Willie performed "On the Road Again," Stephen came out and joined him on the second verse, and then Holbrooke came out and sang with them too! And stage manager "Bobby" got to play rhythm guitar guitar with Willie - lucky b$##%!!

Maybe not great music, but a fun moment.

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