Thursday, January 04, 2007

Taylor Restringing/Diagnostic Clinic

Taylor Guitar held a Diagnostic Clinic at my favorite guitar store, The Music Emporium today. Taylor owners were invited to bring in their guitar to get a free checkup.

I got down there around 3pm, figuring that it would be best to get there before the crowds showed up. Taylor had two technicians and their North-East region rep there. When I arrived one tech was fitting a new saddle for a 12-string acoustic, while the other was working on a T-5.

I had never seen inside a T-5 before; I didn't know they were hollow! Stupid me, I thought they were solid body. It was also interesting to see that the string holes had a lot of rough edges around them; not a big deal, but there had been a big thread about Martin's with this "defect" a while back on the UMGF so I thought it was amusing to see Taylor's with the exact same issue.

I had taken my 814ce, which has seen a lot less play over the last couple of years because it had become a summer guitar; it had a very slight buzz during winter that had driven me up the wall; so I just stopped playing it in the winter. And then sort of stopped playing it all together.

I explained all this to one of the technicians, Pat, who asked a few questions, and then mentioned a few possible causes of the problem and said that he would check those out. He then set to work.

Applying orange oil and beeswax to the fingerboard

He restrung it, tightened the pegs, checked the action, attached some loose internal wires (from the pickup), cleaned and oiled the fingerboard, and polished the body (with car wax!) Though it wasn't definitive, he thought it possible that the loose wires might have been the cause of the noise.

Once he was finished he declared the guitar to be in fine shape and to just keep on doing what I was doing (I didn't say that what that was had been 'not playing it much!') Still, it was good to know that it had been keeping well, and it almost feels like I have a brand new guitar.

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