Monday, January 22, 2007

The NAMM Problem

The problem with NAMM is that they announce all this cool stuff, but they often don't - in their press release - announce when the stuff will be available, or how much it costs. Which leaves me scratching around trying to find out.

For example, the Fishman Aura Pedal was announced, but no info on when they will be out, or on cost; though someone on the UMGF said they'd be about $200. Fender also announced the VG Stratocaster, which adds guitar modeling and the ability to switch between tunings and guitar types (like Baritone and 12-string) by turning a knob. Looks cool, but I have no idea what they plan to charge for it, or when it will be least not in the press release. Maybe it's on the website; which is actually kind of fun, but I didn't read EVERYTHING there...

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