Friday, January 26, 2007

One Thing Leads To Another

It’s funny how one thing can lead to another on the web.

Just today I saw a posting on Harmony Central about Tascam’s FireOne FireWire Audio Interface. I clicked on it to see what the thing was, not really expecting to actually buy one, whatever it was. It turned out to be a Firewire audio interface that only has two inputs (which at least means it’s probably not as expensive as the other Firewire inputs out there, but may have less of the latency problems of the USB interfaces.) It’s other notable feature is this big jog-shuttle on it. That jog shuttle looks cool; for video editing. For audio editing, I’m not too sure that a jog shuttle is the first thing you want to spend your money on.

But seeing it reminded me how I’d always thought that the M-Audio iControl device looked cool for working with GarageBand, and I’d half heartedly thought of buying one, but never had. Unfortunately, I’ve also just switched to Logic, but it had me wondering if the iControl would work with Logic? Purely out of curiosity, you understand.

I did a search, and the initial articles didn’t look promising. But then I came across an article that suggested that the iControl did work – in a limited fashion – with Logic Pro. Okay, cool.

But, the article also mentioned the Behringer BCF2000 controller desk. For $200 you get a USB controller which has motorized faders.

Motorized faders!

Holy Cow! Now motorized faders is a pretty cool – and usually expensive – feature in audio mixing decks. Suddenly I want one of these things!

And to think. If it wasn’t for Tascam announcing the FireOne, I might have been oblivious to the existence of the BCF2000.

Now I just have to save up for one!

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