Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lost In Vermont

I'm in Vermont, staying with friends for a couple of days.

Last night we went to see Cabaret at the Northern Stage, a small professional theater in White River Junction, VT. I'd never seen Cabaret before (live or the movie) so it was really exciting to see it. The production was really good. I hesitate to say that it was "better than expected" since that suggests automatically that I wasn't expecting much. The production was excellent, the actors all great, and even though I don't think I'd put Cabaret forward as my favorite show, I definitely enjoyed it and was really glad to see it.

Unfortunately, the last performance is tonight, so you missed it!

Today stopped into Hanover Strings which is the local musical instrument store in Hanover New Hampshire. It's a small store, and it has breadth more than depth, but still was interesting to spend a quarter hour looking through. Bought a book of Dave Matthews Band Music. They had an iControl, a USB controller that works with GarageBand, which I hadn't seen before; . Not sure that it's worth the $150, but still interesting. The guy behind the counter was kind enough to let me open the box and nose around for a second.

And to complete the 'i' report, my friends have the Altec Lansing inMotion speakers for the iPod. The sound isn't too bad; not as good as Apple's seapkers, but then it's half the price.

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