Monday, April 10, 2006

Classical Mystery Tour

An Internet posting about Classical Mystery Tour caught my attention. It's some of the actors from Beatlmania performing with a classical orchestra at various places around the country.

It looks like fun, so I got tickets for the Boston show!

Here's part of the review:

They came out in the black suits like the early Beatles and as the show progressed, so did the clothing. About midway they came out in the Pepper uniforms and ended as the "1969" Beatles, Paul and Ringo in cool black suits and George in his denim attire. Where's John? Ah, there he comes out last, long hair and the white suit. I laughed out loud. [...]

The show was really a hoot. At first they played a few without the symphony and I Saw Her Standing There really took me back. It ripped! Some of the Beatles songs I'm not real wild about, like Eleanor Rigby and A Day in the Life were really good in concert with the symphony. At the end of A Day in the Life, where the long note is, the crowd clapped too soon. The conductor gave the Lennon actor at the piano a look and they ended the note early. Too bad as I'm sure they were ready to carry it out to it's long end. I am the Walrus was another of my favorites.

There was a great rendition of Good Night, from the White Album with the drummer and symphony doing an excellent job. I'll probably never see/hear that song in concert again ever.

Golden Slumbers / Carry that Weight / The End were my favorites. The guy playing lead on a Tele nailed all the John / Paul / George solos on that one by himself. His Tele was really wild looking and changed color from silver to green when the light hit it. [...]

The final encore was Twist and Shout and the older audience was on it's feet. The thought entered my brain "would John still be playing Twist and Shout if he were still with us?" Not just yeah, but hell yeah!

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