Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Like To Hit Things

It's percussion day at The Guitar Apprentice!!

That's what happens when you talk to a drummer. You start talking about drums and percussion and drummers you've seen and songs with percussion you like and they start telling you about crashes and rides and you start thinking "That almost makes sense!"

And it seems like everywhere I listen, I hear drums.

On NPR today:
All Things Considered, April 11, 2006 · The Junkman makes music with mailboxes, saw blades, frying pans and beer cans. But he has also composed two pieces for Twyla Tharp and performed with both Eminem and the Louisville Symphony.

Now the Junkman has written a full length spoken-word opera based on the Nordic myth of the Viking god of war, who also happens to be the Viking god of knowledge. Odin calls for 10 percussionists, a cast of six and a chorus of 24. It will be performed at New York University in April. Andrea Shea reports.

And then tonight on BBC Radio, they have a peice on Brian Eno talking about Tony Allan, an afrobeat drummer described as "one of the world's best drummers."

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