Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hardware Hassels

I got a 1GB card to upgrade my iBook, and I thought I was all set.

I had a grounding strap, and I thought I was all set.

I had a PDF with instructions on how to install the memory, and I thought I was all set.

Then I opened the grounding strap and discovered there were no instructions....what was I supposed to attach it to? A friend suggested the water tap.

Then I went to undo the screws that kept the memory shield in place and discovered that I didn't have a screwdriver small enough...I discovered that my Swiss Army knife blade worked okay.

Then I put the card in, reassembled the whole thing, started it up and....the machine didn't recognize the card! No change at all!

I have such bad luck with computer hardware; is there any wonder I hate to upgrade machines?!


1) I didn't install the memory correctly (I tried re-seating it and still no go.)

2) The memory card is faulty (or worse, I screwed it up)

3) The computer doesn't actually support more than 1GB. (I checked, but it can be a little confusing to figure out which iBook is which and what memory they support.)

This just sucks. Now you know why I don't play electric guitar.


adrian said...

You're the only person I know who has had so many issues with memory upgrades. : /

Could you take it to an Apple store and get some advice from the in-store "expert" or would they charge you a shitload of money for that?

adrian said...

What about calling the vendor you bought the card from? Most of them usually offer some kind of complimentary installation/troubleshooting support.

mchgtr said...

Sucks to be me.... :/

I don't know how interested the Apple 'Genuis' will be in my problem as I didn't buy the memory from them.

I'm gonna call the memory vendor. Also, I'm going to try a Mac expert friend of mine and see what he says.

adrian said...

I've installed at least two or three dozen memory upgrades over the years, and thus far, I've never had one that wasn't recognized or that caused any problems. I just open the case, pop in the card, close the case back up, and life is good. I've never even bothered with the antistatic wrist strap, although I'm sure it's a wise precaution.

mchgtr said...

Well now you're just rubbing my nose in it! :-)

*whine* I told you I have no luck with hardware */whine*

Keep this up and I'm gonna descend on you and make you fix it.

adrian said...

Well... it is remotely possible that you received a defective DIMM. It does happen every now and then.