Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Digital Trumpet

Hammacher Schlemmer's Digital Trumpet can generate over 20 sounds and allows musicians to perfect valve fingering, tempo, notes, and key changes before learning to master breath control and mouthpiece placement of an actual brass trumpet.

Sounds include; seven trumpets, eight brass instruments (including the tuba and trombone), five woodwinds (including oboe and clarinet), strings, and a synthesized human voice. By simply humming or singing into the mouthpiece, you create the notes and tones.

But at $399.95, wouldn't you be better off saving your pennies for a real trumpet?


adrian said...

Wow. That looks really, really cool. $400 seems a bit steep, but maybe not if it sounds really good.

mchgtr said...

Just the thing for those that like to blow their own horn.

I guess it's quieter than a regular horn too, so good for apartment practice perhaps.

Kind of like the Yamaha silent guitar.