Friday, August 11, 2006

End Of OLGA?

OLGA (the On Line Guitar Archive) has been a resource for tabs and chords for songs for several years. Record and publishing companies have gone after them a few times (about a year or so ago they stopped including the complete lyrics to songs.) Now they have gone off line while trying to resolve issues with publishers.

I'm not really sure what the solution to this should be. I know there's at least one 'authorized' music service through which you can buy tab online (at about $1.99 per song) if they have the song you want. You can find tab and chords to music all over the web; if they close down OLGA, will they then start going after the individual sites? I wonder what will happen to sites like DMBTABS? I wonder if I should be saving as much as I can now, before it all goes away (and is it really ethical for me to do that?)

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