Monday, June 05, 2006

New Martin's Announced

Twice a year Martin Guitar announces new models at the NAMM shows. Usually we have to wait until the show to find out what they are announcing, but Modern Guitars Magazine has a serious scoop (or Martin has changed it's policy) as they have a list of the new models, along with photos.

I think someone screwed up!

Anyway, some interesting things including: JC Buddy Guy Blues Signature Edition, 000-40S Mark Knopfler “Ragpicker’s Dream” Signature Edition, D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative, and a new DC-28 model with cutaway and Fishman Aura. Save those pennies!

Oh, the photo for the Knopfler is currently pointing to the Peter Frampton guitar. The Knopfler can be seen here.

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