Monday, June 05, 2006

Common Rotation

I hadn’t even heard of Common Rotation before I turned up at their show last night. I thought they were just some folk band. But there was something about the crowd that was a little different to your average Club Passim folk-night crowd. They were a little younger, more female, more pierced.

Then someone let me in on the secret; the lead singer appeared on Buffy-the-whatever-that-show was called. That’s what they told me; I have no idea if it’s true.

Either way, the show was really very good and a little different from the usual Club Passim show. Yeah, it was kind of like your typical folk-singer-songwriter-acoustic show. But it also had pop-rock underpinnings and some new wave/punk/experimental aspects to boot! Or maybe it just seemed that way compared to the acts I normally see!

Some highlights; well the biggest surprise was when the third member of the group pulled out a trumpet for one song. You don’t see that very often! And they closed by singing a song in the middle of crowd, which is always fun. I liked a lot of their songs; they were all quirky, but with an attitude. Sometimes it was hard to tell what the attitude was; given that they were so funny.

Common Rotation is definitely worth checking out!

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