Friday, January 27, 2006

Nice Kitty

Yesterday I was playing guitar, frightening the neighbors’ cats, when my daughter said “Too bad you don’t have an electric guitar.”

I don’t now why she said it. She was sitting doing her homework and wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing.

“I have an electric guitar,” I said brightly.

“You do?!” her eyes widened. “Where is it?”

So I went and grabbed the Strat from the closet and brought it out, opened the case and put it into her hands. She started strumming it and frowned.

“I have to plug it in,” I explained, and went searching for a cable to plug it into the amplifier. After a few minutes I had it plugged in and making noise and she sat there strumming happily. It wasn’t in tune, but she wouldn’t have noticed as she didn’t know any chords.

“Will you teach me how to play?” she asked.

She’s asked me this before, and what usually happens is I show her a chord, she strums for a bit, and then she’s done and never mentions it again for a month or so.

“Sure,” I say.

“Can I have it?” she asked, looking down at the guitar.

“Eh no,” I said.

“Why not?” She knows I have more guitars than I need, and I spoil her rotten.

“You learn to play,” I offer, “and you can have it.”

I’m not sure that it will actually cause her to learn. She’s got her hands full with learning and playing the saxophone; I don’t think she really wants to spend any time actually learning another instrument. But she was certainly impressed by this bright shiny guitar that made the loud twangy noise.

She’d probably have kittens if she saw the Hello Kitty guitar from Squire.


adrian said...

Wowza! That guitar has my friend Melissa written all over it! She's already got a pretty sweet Tele, though.

mchgtr said...

And you could get the Badtz-Naru Bass; that would be stylish!!

adrian said...

those are really cute actually! but I'd rather have a 5-string Jazz Bass than a lousy ol' Squier. ; )