Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cold Feet

Winter approaches. The boiler has been fired up in anger (and had to be repaired because it didn't come on the first day) and the party is this weekend.

That's the party where guests are invited to bring an instrument and perform.

I was [thinking about] / [trying to get up the nerve to] / [contemplating] doing a Richard Thompson song Wall of Death which seemed appropriate as it's a birthday party... but of course I haven't practiced or done anything in the past month...and it’s a comewhat difficult song to sing.

Then a couple of days ago I decided to go for something simpler. I was playing Revolver and it occurred to me that I'm Only Sleeping might be doable. Hey, when in doubt, go to Beatles, as a guitar instructor once said.

I searched about on the web and there's a version floating around that's got two sets of chords, and is partially complete. Partially as in the whole thing is not in both chords, and transposition is not one of my best skills....

soooo...I have a Beatles book that has riffs etc., in it. It had the song, but only the verse and the chorus, not the bridge. And it didn't match the web version either. *sigh*

Went down to the local music store and they had The Beatles Complete Vers. 1 & 2. $32 each. That's a lot of scratch for one song.

I considered buying it, but went home and checked Amazon. They only had Volume 2, and both volumes in a boxed set for $44. There was another 'complete' book The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook for $13.50 that had the advantage of being cheaper, and much smaller (easier to lose, but easier to cart around too.) So I ordered that one. It should arrive on Friday. Which gives me two days to practice.

Unless I decide to switch to another song.

Now I'm wondering; Should I re-string the guitar?

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