Thursday, June 09, 2005

Where's Mic?

Sometime ago I came across the Samson C01U, a "Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone" that has a USB plug at the opposite end of it's business end. It's only $80 so it seemed like an interesting little thing to experiment with.

I ordered one about two months ago from Sweetwater, and was told they expected dellivery "at the end of the month." Three weeks later I get a call; they hadn't arrived, but they expected them in a couple of weeks.

Of course they called yesterday; still haven't arrived, but they expect them in early July.

Now, had I been really jonsing to use this thing, I'd be pretty pissed by now. The fact that I was getting it out of curiosity means that I'm kind of ho-hum about it. Part of me is hoping it takes a long time to come....then I'd have a real story.

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justone said...

any update on the C01U Condenser mic? I'm thinking about getting one.