Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hand Over Fist

Last night was jam night. David and I are almost getting organized; well I started writing the songs down in a book and now we go back to the list and start with that. So maybe those songs will improve over time.

David said he saw a girl playing Hey Hey My My in the subway the other day and she was making a bunch of money. I guess the classics are popular with people with money. He also said she did a really good cover of it.

We did some Dylan stuff (including Knocking on Heaven's Door and You Ain't Going Nowhere.) David is a big Dylan fan, and I think has a copy of just about every recording that's available. He mentioned that Starbucks is releasing a CD of some early Dylan concert tape.

Tried Sympathy For The Devil but I don't think we did it very well. Not sure it really works on acoustic guitar!

Messed around with changing chords and keys for a few songs. A couple we were doing I found it a lot easier to sing if I moved it up; put the capo on and play it a little higher (like You Ain't Going Nowhere.) I don't think my voice has much of a range. We experimented with playing different chord shapes too (like I played with the capo and he played without, and changing the chords)....easier to do for some songs than others depending upon what chords you have to play!

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