Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Looking to Jam?

www.folkjam.org is a growing list of user contributed jam sessions. Anybody can post the details of jam sessions, though they do review every post to make sure it is appropriate for the site and not spam. Just enter your zip code and see what you get!

Note: I've had various problems with different browsers when I use this site. Some don't load it at all, and on others I hade to refresh the browser to get it to load. So if you go to the site and see nothing, don't assume that the site is down.

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Scott said...

Thanks for the kind words and for describing the problem you were seeing today. Your blog post prompted me to dig a little and I believe I found (and addressed) the root cause. Because of the conditions under which it happens we were unaware of the problem. It only impacted users who had never visited the site, and then only occasionally.

If you continue to see load failures please let us know. http://www.folkjam.org/feedback

Chief Fiddling Officer